All About the Rummy Game

Translated from French by Christel S.

Rummy is an extremely popular game among card game lovers. Its main feature is that it is one of the few card games that has a real interest, even when only played by two players. The game unfolds quite quickly, fans of the online Rummy game do not hesitate to play for several hours and for several consecutive games.

The other advantage of Rummy is that it requires little equipment. All you need is a deck of 54 cards and you're done. The most diligent players will not hesitate to add a game mat to add a professional touch. With all these features, Rummy can be played anywhere and in all circumstances which explains its success reminiscent of the casino and poker games that are very popular lately. But here you do not need staging systems to accomplish your goal ...

The goal of Rummy games is to form combinations of cards from a certain number of cards dealt to each player. The winner is the one who manages to form combinations with all of his cards. According to the variants, the game of Rummy is played with or without a joker depending on the rules of the game.

In general, the combinations of Rummy cards are formed either as a result of cards such as seven, eight, nine or ten, jack, queen, king or three of a kind or square of cards having the same numerical value for example 2, 2, 2, 2 or 7, 7, 7 or the same figure such as Queen of hearts, Queen of spades, Queen of diamonds.

Whoever obtains the most combinations with the highest number of points is the winner. He/she is awarded a certain number of points as well as the value of the cards that remain in the hands of his/her opponents. The losers, for their part, will score a certain number of points based on the combinations they formed during the game. In return, they will also have penalty points removed based on the cards that remain in their hand at the end of the game.

The value of the cards determines the number of penalty points for each loser. The figures represent 10 points. Thus, a player holding a ten, a three and a jack at the end of the round will be awarded 23 penalty points.

The rules of Rummy games can vary enormously from one variant to another. If the rules of the game remain substantially the same, the conditions of victory or combination of cards are significantly different depending on the version. For the typical online version of Rummy the game depends on forming combinations. As a result, there is not really an official game mode. It is however necessary to define the mode of operation between the players before starting a game.

Rummy can give you hours of relaxation. You will be able to discover the variations of the game of Rummy online as well as the rules of the numerous Rummy games allow you to enrich your experience in all the games of Rummy.

History of Rummy and its Flight

The history of Rummy is more difficult to locate as it is not a single game but a set of game designed to build sequences of cards from a player’s hand of cards. Experts may not agree on the origins of Rummy; however, they agree that this game has existed for more than two centuries.

On the other hand, the territory of birth remains uncertain for the origin of Rummy. According to some the origins of the Rummy are Oriental. Many Chinese card games such as Mahjong have the same principles of draw and card rejection. For others the origins of Rummy are American. The first parts would have been played in New York at the end of the 19th century.

Finally, according to one last version, rummy would find its roots in Spain where the game Conquian would have rules almost like Gin-Rummy. It is the explorers who would have allowed the Conquian to develop around the planet.

The game would have first crossed the Mexican border before developing in the United States in the 1900s. Rummy is also sometimes simply considered a variant of poker and specifically Whiskey poker. The games have, indeed, undeniable similarities. Whiskey poker would become Rum poker then Rum, Rummy to become Rummy in French.

If the origin of Rummy is widely disputed, the authorship of Gin-Rummy is usually attributed to Elwood T. Baker, professional Whist player, who would have simply invented this game in 1909 in Brooklyn, New York. The English name of Gin-Rummy would have been used to recall Gin and Rum, two alcoholic drinks particularly popular at that time. Astonishing to observe that the history of Rummy has had a certain rapprochement with the differences of drinks!

This is the golden age of Rummy in the United States in the 1930s. It was considered one of the hottest times. Its advantage is that it was both entertaining and especially free in a period when the economic crisis was raging. The popularity of the game went beyond the popular sphere and it was not uncommon to see many Hollywood stars indulge in the game.

Present on all continents, Rummy has gained prominence in the 20th century and can be considered a popular card game. Online games have made poker more popular than ever before, and many variations have appeared since the early days of Rummy history.

If the principle of making combinations of cards to win remains the same for all versions of Rummy, there are many subtleties that should be known before starting a game. After this article designed to better understand the origin of the Rummy itself, you will see our page for rummy rules to better understand your favorite game.


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